“The work of the coaches at My ED Coach are an invaluable adjunct to therapy. Following up with and supportive of the goals of therapy they help clients in a hands on compassionate manner deal with the practical issues that so often get in their way on a daily basis. Each coach is a pleasure to work with and a consummate professional.”


“My coach has been such an important part of my recovery. I didn’t know what to expect at first when she started “coaching” me, but it has turned out to be so helpful. Being accountable to someone who can get you through day-to-day stuff is what ED coaching is all about. She has guided me along these bumpy 9 months of recovery, and I don’t know where I’d be without her support.””


“As a therapist in private practice, I have found my ED coaching services to be invaluable. The coaches are out in the field with the kind of hands-on support many of my clients need. Their social work training, their addiction treatment specialties, and their open and engaging collaboration with me have freed me to do the deep, in-office work I’m there for. I can’t recommend them highly enough”