Supporting people in walking through life’s challenges with courage, strength and hope.

An Eating Disorder coach helps people with eating disorders of all ages, in building healthier and fuller lives through a combination of: intensive life skills support, crisis prevention, relapse prevention, psychoeducation and case management support. ED coaching sessions are set up to fit each person’s individualized needs.

An ED Coach helps facilitate the action steps necessary to sustain recovery and live life, as well as support the individual in the many day to day challenges of rebuilding healthy relationship to body, food, and self.  A coach can work with a client 1-5 (or more) hours p/week depending on the needs of the individual. 

ED Coaches are specialized in not only working with eating disorders, but work also with individuals that are also faced with mental health issues, (i.e.; personality disorders, mood disorders, & anxiety disorders) and chemical dependency challenges. 




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Our parent coaches provide coaching services to parents whom are struggling with setting boundaries, finding it difficult or frustrating in understanding addiction, mental illness, and/or dual diagnosis issues and/or are wanting some guidance in best supporting their loved one during this difficult transition in life.  Parenting coaches provide a lot of psycho-education to parents along with practical feedback that is useful in helping parents communicate better to their family member and take necessary action steps to best support their loved one in recovery.